ExpressionEngine 3.0 Porting

Posted by Brad Parscale on 10.21.2015 // Software Releases //

Currently we offer 18 Add-ons for ExpressionEngine 2. We are happy to announce that most of all DevDemon Add-ons will be ported to ExpressionEngine 3.0. Below you will find a graph of our schedule for our porting procedure. 

StoreYes - In Process
CampaignsYes - Not Yet Started
Channel FilesYes - Nearly Complete
Channel ImagesComplete
Channel PollsYes - Nearly Complete
Channel RatingsYes - Not Yet Started
CreditsNo Decision Made
Entry MapperYes - Nearly Complete
FormsYes - Nearly Complete
Forum SubscribeComplete
HitsYes - Not Yet Started
Mega UploadWill Not Be Ported
SubscriptionsYes - Not Yet Started
UpdaterNo Decision Made
Channel VideosYes - Nearly Complete
Smart SwitchNo Decision Made