ExpressionEngine 3 Porting

Posted by mattweinberg on 04.20.2017 // Software Releases //

Currently we offer 18 Add-ons for ExpressionEngine 2. We are happy to announce that most of all DevDemon Add-ons will be ported to ExpressionEngine 3. Below you will find a graph of our schedule for our porting procedure. 

Updated as of April 20, 2017

Add-On Status
Store Complete
Campaigns No Decision Made
Channel Files Complete
Channel Images Complete
Channel Polls Complete
Channel Ratings No Decision Made
Credits No Decision Made
Editor Complete
Entry Mapper Complete
Forms Complete
Forum Subscribe Complete
Hits No Decision Made
Mega Upload Will Not Be Ported
Subscriptions Complete
Updater Complete but will not be further updated
Channel Videos Complete
Smart Switch No Decision Made
Tagger Complete
Visitor Complete