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Channel Files 5.2.9

Fieldtypes, Modules

Channel Files is a straightforward, easy-to-use system for managing multiple files per entry in ExpressionEngine. The default installation of ExpressionEngine has little flexibility for managing several files in a single entry. Channel Files changes all that by allowing the end-user to upload, add a title, describe, edit categories, and order files all within the entry.

Channel Files allows you to upload unlimited files at any size. Want to upload an 80MB video file right to an Entry? No problem! With Channel Files you can upload several files of all sizes right to Amazon S3, the Rackspace Cloud, or your own server with a simple click.

Channel Files also allows you to group files by category, add descriptions and change titles per file. This module removes the file from the server, so no need for messy ftp cleanup.

Let Channel Files help you avoid using clunky methods to manage files.


  • Per Entry File Management
  • Multiple Select Hybrid Upload (HTML5 or Flash)
  • Drag-n-Drop File Uploading
  • FTP/SFTP File Upload
  • Auto Zip "Compress" Files Per Entry
  • Wygwam/Wyvern Integration
  • Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud File Support
  • Hide your files above the web root
  • Ability to Upload Large Files Simply
  • Obfuscated URL Paths
  • Keep track of downloads with a download log!
  • Extensive Template Options
  • Group Files by Category Per Entry
  • Mark Files as Cover For Easy Template Display
  • Upload and Delete Files Within EE Entry
  • Organize Files with Drag-n-Drop
  • Title & Describe Each File Individually
  • Download Logs
  • SAEF with Safecracker 1.0.3+
  • Crossdomain AJAX Detection


  • Channel Images requires ExpressionEngine 2.3.1 or newer

Guaranteed to Work With The Following Add-Ons

Channel Files Work With Channel Files Work With Channel Files Work With Channel Files Work With

What People Are Saying

" guys create some awesome stuff. Keep up the good work. Makes us look amazing with no effort on our part smile " -Andy

"The DevDemon team are producing essential modules for our clients, and delivering service that goes way beyond the call of duty. You couldn't hope for a better combination - love your work! " -Jamie @

"DevDemon are and remain my most favorite ee-devs! Your modules, your work, your support are the most brilliant enrichment to the EE-Community I've seen in years! You guys rock! Thank you — for all your work! " -stefan rechsteiner @albuvee

"I have to say @devdemon is pretty on the ball with support and support times." -@RyanDownie

Channel Files 5.2.9

  • ADDED: File replace button
  • ADDED: config.php overrides for field settings // Example: $config['channel_files']['fields'][51] = array();
  • BUG: Flash based uploads didn't work on EE 2.7.0+

Channel Files 5.2.8

  • ADDED: UploadStart & UploadComplete JS events
  • IMPROVEMENT: Moved all JS files to the footer instead of the head
  • BUG: When changing the channel of an entry, the channel_id for the images should change too

Channel Files 5.2.7

  • ADDED: Support for url_third_themes config override
  • ADDED: channel_files_upload_start & channel_files_upload_end hooks
  • ADDED: Cloudfront Domain support to S3
  • CHANGED: Field JSON is now base64encoded because of SAEF/Safecracker unicode/quotes issues

Channel Files 5.2.6

  • ADDED: Updated Amazon S3 SDK Version
  • ADDED: Sydney, Brazil & Oregon support in S3
  • ADDED: Support for Multi-Part Upload in S3 (only for files bigger then 30MB)

Channel Files 5.2.5

  • ADDED: {file:basename} - Filename without extension
  • BUG: Preview file was throwing a PHP error

Channel Files 5.2.4

  • BUG: A possible security issue if you have access to the SAEF/CP and crafted something correctly

Channel Files 5.2.3

  • BUG: A PHP error would occur if the the tag results where ordered.

Channel Files 5.2.2

  • ADDED: Fieldtype option to obfuscate file URL in fieldtype
  • CHANGE: Cloudfiles will use it's own internal CA bundle instead of the system bundle
  • CHANGE: Upon save, file metadata will be converted to HTML entities with UTF-8
  • BUG: Deleting existing files would not make the field blank
  • BUG: PHP & Language errors when using pagination

Channel Files 5.2.1

  • ADDED: Parameter to disable time/ip checks on locked URL's simple_locked_url="yes"
  • ADDED: limit="" to the {files} variable pair in the grouped files tag
  • BUG: On new entries. Pressing the save & preview button and closing it again, files would disappear.

Channel Files 5.2.0

  • ADDED: Better Workflow Integration
  • ADDED: Native fieldtype parsing. You can now parse channel images by using it's field name in exp:channel:entries. Example: {my_ci_field cover_only="yes"} ALL CI Variables and Parameters {/my_ci_field}
  • ADDED: Garbage Collection on temp upload dirs
  • ADDED: Option to disable prefixing of filenames when not using "Store files in entry_id folders"
  • ADDED: When duplicates files are uploaded, a numver is added after the filename (up to 20)
  • CHANGED: Removed the cross-domain warning

Channel Files 5.0.4

  • ADDED: Amazon S3 subdirectory option
  • ADDED: Show download button option in the fieldtype settings
  • ADDED: CDN URI Override option for Rackspace CloudFiles
  • ADDED: Small check for robots when using locked url's
  • BUG: Using locked URL, in some cases the S3 url was not properly parsed

Channel Files 5.0.3

  • NEW: Added an option to force the download of uploaded files through Amazon S3
  • BUG: Obfuscated files link would not work with Local Files.

Channel Files 5.0.2

Channel Files 5.0.1

  • ADDED: {file:upload_date} - {file:date} is now deprecated, will be removed!
  • ADDED: Added Field Editor Compatibility
  • BUG: Dropping multiple files on a field would make duplicates if there where multiple fields in the same form
  • BUG: When creating a new entry, opening stored files would produce an SQL error on the back-end

Channel Files 5.0.0

  • Added Hybrid Upload! If your browser supports HTML5 Upload, the new HTML5 File API will be used, if not Flash based upload will be used. Completely transparent!
  • Added FTP location support (includes SSL FTP if available on your server)
  • Added SFTP location support
  • Added WYGWAM/Wyvern Plugin!
  • Added Import File! Allows you to import files from the local server.
  • Added an option to make storing files in entry_id folders optional. (MUST ONLY BE USED ONCE)
  • Added crossdomain detection warning
  • Added file extension limit back
  • Added a check when deleting a file, if it's linked a warning will appear.
  • Channel Files now uses JS templates for most of the UI. Reduces network load!
  • Live Edit no longer "submits" when your mouse moves out of the input field. (A click outside is now required!)
  • When saving an entry, old channel files cache directories are now deleted

Channel Files 4.0.5

  • Added a quick preview link to the fieldtype. (not for new entries)
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong mimetype was assigned on uploads through Amazon S3

Channel Files 4.0.4

Channel Files 4.0.3

  • Fixed references to the internal S3/Cloudfiles SDK

Channel Files 4.0.2

  • Added orderby="upload_date"
  • Removed restriction on entry_id=""/url_title="" for {exp:channel_files:files} tag.
  • Fixed an error where in SAEF mode, Channel Files would use the field_id instead of field_name.
  • Channel Files now also correctly loads on SSL pages.

Channel Files 4.0.1

  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect reference is made to ChannelImages

Channel Files 4.0

  • Redesigned the FieldType Settings
  • Redesigned the Fieldtype Publish Form UI
  • Added {exp:channel_files:zip} to generate a .zip from local files (PHP 5.2+ with php_zip extension enabled)
  • Added Support for NSM Addon Updater
  • Added 5 Custom CF Fields
  • Added File Limit to Publish Field
  • Recoded the updater script
  • Changed the edit_in_place plugin to save the contents when clicking outside of the area
  • Added backspace=""
  • Added {file:extension}
  • Field="" should now work correctly

Channel Files 3.6

  • Added ACL settings for Amazon S3 uploads.
  • Adjusted locked url encryption to be compatible with other addons

Channel Files 3.5

  • Added new Edit In Place methods/icons
  • Added file extension restriction option to the fieldtype

Channel Files 3.4

  • Cloudfiles now support both US and UK regions
  • Locked urls are now using a more sophisticated encryption technique

Channel Files 3.3

  • Channel Files is now compatible with SAEF (Safecracker)

Channel Files 3.2

  • Added a download log for tracking locked_url's
  • Added {file:downloads} variable
  • Added upload_date tracking to new uploads, {file:date}
  • Changed behaviour of {file:locked_url} so local files are streamed to the browser

Channel Files 3.1.2

  • Adjusted the Channel Images Model to work with EE 2.1.1 And EE 2.1.3, due to big changes in ExpressionEngine

Channel FIles 3.1.1

  • Adjust our Model library to work with ExpressionEngine 2.1.2

Channel Files 3.0

  • Commercial Release

Channel FIles 3.1

  • Redesigned the Stored Files feature
  • Linked/Reused images have a separate "Unlink" icon instead of an Delete icon
  • Fixed a bug where assigned categories could not be removed
  • Fixed a bug where you could not remove the "Cover" status of an File

Uploaded the included files to the following folders

  1. Copy channel_files module folder to your /system/expressionengine/third_party/ folder.
  2. Copy the channel_files themes folder to your /themes/third_party/ folder.

Install the Add-On

  1. Visit the Modules page and click on Install
  2. Choose Install on both the Fieldtype and Module

Channel Files is now installed. Please visit the docs for setup, usage, and templating

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