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Channel Ratings 4.0.6

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Channel Ratings provides extremely accurate ability to rate and review ExpressionEngine entries. Channel Ratings allows ratings of multiple fields as well as multiple collections. Channel Ratings finally brings full scale review, ratings, and like (helpful) functionality to ExpressionEngine 2.1+.

Directly Rate and Like Multiple other Add-Ons including BrilliantRetail, Channel Images, Channel Videos, and Channel Files.


  • Channel Entry Rating System
  • Extensive Moderation Capabilities
  • Like/Dislike Support
  • Bayesian Rating Sorting
  • Multiple Rating Fields
  • Multiple Rating Collections
  • Extensive Templating Options
  • Import ratings from other modules.
  • Rate and Like BrilliantRetail Products
  • Rate and Like Channel Images
  • Rate and Like Channel Files
  • Rate and Like Channel Videos


  • Channel Ratings requires ExpressionEngine 2.3.1 or newer.

Guaranteed to Work With The Following Add-Ons

Channel Ratings Work With Channel Ratings Work With Channel Ratings Work With


Channel Ratings Overview

What People Are Saying

" guys create some awesome stuff. Keep up the good work. Makes us look amazing with no effort on our part smile " -Andy

"The DevDemon team are producing essential modules for our clients, and delivering service that goes way beyond the call of duty. You couldn't hope for a better combination - love your work! " -Jamie @

"DevDemon are and remain my most favorite ee-devs! Your modules, your work, your support are the most brilliant enrichment to the EE-Community I've seen in years! You guys rock! Thank you — for all your work! " -stefan rechsteiner @albuvee

"I have to say @devdemon is pretty on the ball with support and support times." -@RyanDownie

Channel Rating 4.0.5

  • ADDED: EE 2.7 support
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated Control Panel Design

Channel Ratings 4.0.4

  • ADDED: Support for url_third_themes config override
  • ADDED: top_liked_entries tag

Channel Ratings 4.0.3

  • ADDED: {exp:channel_ratings:id} tag
  • ADDED: category="" to the Top Entries tag
  • CHANGED: Compatibility with EE 2.5+ comment table
  • BUG: AJAX submissions where not returning errors correctly.

Channel Ratings 4.0.2

  • ADDED: JSON responses for all AJAX requests for LIKES

Channel Ratings 4.0.1

  • ADDED: Added {exp:channel_ratings:my_likes}
  • ADDED: New Delete like variable {rating:delete_url}
  • ADDED: CSS Overrides for NSM Override
  • BUG: The ratings MCP was not taking into account the current active site (MSM Installs)
  • BUG: Ratings on the front end where not taking the current active site into account (MSM Installs)
  • BUG: Collections created on a subsite where created on the main site instead.

Channel Ratings 4.0.0

  • ADDED: Redesigned the Module Control Panel!
  • ADDED: Collections data are truly seperate now
  • ADDED: A new collection switcher to the Module Control Panel

Channel Ratings 3.2.5

  • Added an AJAX response (json) to {exp:channel_ratings:new_rating}ADDED: A new collection switcher to the Module Control Panel
  • BUG: Closing a Rating Review would not close the associated comment.

Channel Ratings 3.2.1

  • Changed the way empty ratings are handled, it now skips these fields. (instead of marking them as ZERO)
  • Fixed a bug where ratings could not be submitted if the IP2Nation module was not installed

Channel Ratings 3.2

  • Added rating_status tag

Channel Ratings 3.1

  • Added theme:FIELDNAME="" parameter to control rating theme on a per Rating Field basis.
  • Added rating:return="" parameter to "Comment Review" in {exp:comment:form} Specifying this parameter will make Channel Ratings take over the return url. (You can use %COMMENT_ID% in the return url, will be replace by comment_id)
  • When a rating is a deleted and there are not other ratings for that item, the global stats for that item will also be deleted
  • "comment_rating" & "rating" tag accept multiple collections by seperating them with a |
  • Fixed a bug where required rating fields would not stick.

Channel Ratings 3.0

  • Added MASSIVE Ratings moderation & log viewer to the Ratings Module Control Panel!!
  • You can now export ratings to CSV & EXCEL right from the Ratings Module Control Panel!
  • Added Rating & Like support for Individual Comment Entries
  • Added Rating & Like support for EE Members
  • Added Rating & Like support for Channel Images
  • Added Rating & Like support for Channel Files
  • Added Rating & Like support for Channel Videos
  • Added Rating & Like support for BrilliantRetail Products
  • Ratings attached to comments also display on the Comment Moderation pages.
  • Ratings attached to comments now respect Comment Moderate settings upon submissions.
  • Ratings attached to comments now closes/open if you close/open an comment. (also deletes)
  • Added exp:channel_ratings:top_items tag
  • exp:channel_ratings:new_like now works different. Please see docs and update your tags once upgraded!!!!!
  • Added {rating:fields} variable pair to exp:channel_ratings:new_rating for easier form inputs (also to comments)
  • Added channelratings_insert_rating_end extension hook
  • Added channelratings_insert_like_end extension hook
  • Fixed a bug where importing ratings from Solspace Ratings would not calculate average stats for multiple fields
  • Fixed a bug where importing ratings from Solspace Ratings would not convert IP addresses.

Channel Ratings 2.6

  • Added Recount tool for ratings.

Channel Ratings 2.5

  • Added an Import tool for Ratings. Currently support Solspace Rating module. (Entry ratings only)
  • Fixed a bug where in the MCP non-required field would still show up as Required.

Channel Ratings 2.1.1

Channel Ratings 2.1

  • Adjusted the Channel Ratings Model to work with EE 2.1.1 And EE 2.1.3, due to big changes in ExpressionEngine
  • Fixed a bug where a MYSQL error would occur on certain installations
  • Fixed a bug where comments with no ratings would produce a PHP error.

Channel Ratings 2.0

  • Commercial Release

Uploaded the included files to the following folders

  1. Copy channel_ratings module folder to your /system/expressionengine/third_party/ folder.
  2. Copy the channel_ratings themes folder to your /themes/third_party/ folder.

Install the Add-On

  1. Visit the Modules page and click on Install
  2. Choose Install on both the Extension and Module

Channel Ratings is now installed. Please visit the docs for setup, usage, and templating

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