Subscriptions 3.0.0

Most robust Subscription System for ExpressionEngine
Single License

Price: $249.00


Welcome to the most robust and powerful Subscription system ever built for ExpressionEngine. Subscriptions brings powerful options like Vouchers, Coupons, Triggers and Actions to a simple to use control panel. Utilizing and Stripe's incredible APIs we allow for an incredible array of features. Want to sell subscriptions as gifts, no problem! Want to offer trials, and multiple subscriptions to the same customer, no problem! Want to have backup cards, and notification for expiring cards, no problem!

Subscriptions also delivers a very powerful Trigger and Action system. Utilizing almost 20 different triggers you can customize actions through an easy to use control panel. These triggers allow your administrator to modify and create new subscriptions without modifying template tags. 

Subscriptions includes a complete example subscription store as a template group as well as a group of example email templates for almost all triggers.  Get you subscription website started fast and better then ever with Subscriptions.



  • ExpressionEngine 2.8+ and PHP 5.3+ ONLY


  • Complete Subscription System
  • Coupons - Single and Volume
  • Vouchers - Single and Volume
  • Multiple Plan Levels with Conditionals
  • Extensive Logging
  • Pre-built Templates with Emails
  • Advanced Action System
  • Simple Testing and Debugging
  • Optional Trial Settings
  • Multiple Gateways (Stripe &
  • Saved Credit Card Management
  • Expiring and Expired Credit Card Notification
  • Multiple Credit Card Support

Online Reviews

I took the plunge & purchased, I’m so HAPPY that I did! Support and staff are A+. The add-on should be EE Module of the year in my opinion, there is nothing even close. It’s membership management on steroids. And it comes with a full Template Suite, out of the box! I’m impressed and that is rare.

- leadsuccess

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