Updater 4.0.0

Single License

No longer for sale

Updater is no longer for sale.


Updater makes updating ExpressionEngine and compatible Add-Ons easier then ever. Sick of uploading all your files, backing things up, moving files around and wasting hours of your life away? Updater is here to give you hours of your life back. Simply install Updater into ExpressionEngine modules and with a few simple clicks you will have ExpressionEngine up to date.

* Please note we will not support the actual update process, but just the install of Updater. If the update fails you will need to use the default EllisLab approved method.

Add-On Support

To view supported Add-Ons read here .



  • Updater Requires ExpressionEngine 2.1+


  • Auto Update ExpressonEngine 2.1+
  • Auto Update Compatible Add-ons
  • Installs / Updates: EE Forum, EE MSM, CP Themes & Forum Themes
  • Backup Database
  • Backup Files
  • Visual Update Process

Online Reviews

Thanks to @devdemon Updater, my dramatic tedious upgrade to #eecms was boring as heck.

- @anthonystauffer

Was really scared to update one of my clients' sites (MSM, tons of add-ons) but @devdemon's Updater was just ridiculously painless #eecms

- @lealea

Painful EE Upgrades No longer hurts to upgrade Thanks to Devdemon --Haiku for @devdemon Updater. #eecms

- @CS_sean

So @devdemon's add-on updater is simply awesome… updated EE and BR on my site in minutes - great job!

- @cwcrawley

Okay, Updater is an absolute must buy! Updated my client's site in less than 30 secs. Amazing! @devdemon

- @fa6ian

Wow. @DevDemon’s Updater add-on just saved me what would likely have been about an hour’s worth of work updating a site once for $15.

- @onebrightlight

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