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ExpressionEngine Answers is a Stack Exchange Q&A site dedicated to ExpressionEngine. We monitor this site and the awesome EE community are there ready to answer your questions!

If you've never asked a question on Stack Exchange before, please take a minute to read through the FAQ and How To Ask pages first - Stack Exchange is a little different to a traditional forum, and to get the most out of it you must be familiar with its guidelines.

Feature Requests

Wish a DevDemon Addon did something new or better? Well we allow you to make your option public and get it voted on. If others agree and vote it up, we will move it to our development calendar!


Archived Forums

Want to look through years of forum posts to see if someone had a similar issue. You can still search our old posts, but we are no longer allowing posts as Stack Exchange provides a better option for new posts.


Submit Request Form

If you have purchased a single license commercial addon we will provide direct support for up to one ExpressionEngine install. If you have purchased a developer unlimited license we will provide support for any of your ExpressionEngine installs.

We will not provide direct support for Free Addons unless you have purchased a support license for that Addon. We take support in a first-come, first-served basis. If you have an emergency please use emergency support.

All purchases come with 30 days of free support.


Support Emergency?

If you have an emergency you can directly to our Emergency Support System. Emergency Support puts your ticket at the top of the support queue and will be the next handled ticket during business hours.


Found a Bug?

If you found a bug and you would like to get it fixed in the next release. Report the bug on our bug report form.